thank you. for you will never know the light you bring...

ladies. senior class of two thousand and four.

you are everything that is wonderful in this world.

getting to know you gorgeous girls has brought so much happiness too my life.

-Rose ive been in love with you since i met you when i was in like 7th grade. Your speaking at grad was wonderful.and in case you didnt know.. when you recited the quote from kevin arnold..i was the obnoxious girl who yelled "yeah!" Rose you are high school.. everyone knows it. Thank you for being associated with me.

-Kristen . the smile on your face as you walked across stage was enough for me. Your witty humor and absolute kindness and bewildered me . Any girl who gets nui nui to FINALLY kiss and american girl desearve a hell fucking yea.Thank you .

-Natasha. i truely adored your speech. it was lovely. im so proud to know you. your so accomplished and will do so many great things with your life. i wish i could say something meaningful. yet all i can say.. is i love you as a person. and wish you the best. thank you.

- Rachel. Your a do gooder.. youre going to be great in the real world. a true grown up from the core. yet a wonderful girl. im amazed i got to know you and was alloud to call you my friend. take care of yourself ..always. thank you.

- Mandah. Slow clapping at lunch . Sneaking rides in your car.
your an amazing person. never ceasing to make me smile. I hope that your life ends up the way that you want it to. robbie shawty never wants your beaming smile to leave your face. i was extreamly proud to see you cross that stage and i know your going to make the world a happy place. Thank you.

- Vanessa. there isnt anything i can say that will ever express how wonderful i think you truely are. but i will keep it short. (so the other ladies are not envious) i love you vanessa. you are the greatest person i have ever met in my entire life..probably the greatest person ill ever meet.
I was proudest of you on that stage. Proud to call you my best friend. Uno cards and walks with out my socks on at 3 am will never ever be forgotten.. Thank you.

Congratulations . to each of you. from me all of you have touched my life..and i hope i mad a bit of a dent i yours.

Thank you for just allowing me to know you. giving you high fives in hallways.. dancing with you at party's ..talking to you about life and love. I could not dream of a better group of girls.

I love all of you.

Take the world by charge...but please do not forget me.

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(no subject)

Senior breakfast tomorrow...ahh..

Grad on Monday, and project Graduation..

it will be fun guys.

Wow, we're really doing it, we're really finishing everything.

I cant wait.


(no subject)

Okay, so my mother will be in South Carolina the weekend of Grad Bash(my brother has court the 23rd, so she has to be there, blah blah)...My father will be at Livestock, so, the sleepover is on for Friday night before Grad Bash. Um, could I maybe get some posts on who plans on coming, just so I have an's open to anyone, whoever wants to come...just let me know. thanks.


(no subject)

my hair is horrible...I want to shoot myself...and I am bleeding down my leg...yes, from my vagina...i want to die, right now.. <>this close to not going...i should probably stop crying so my makeup looks decent...phuck this.



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Got my hurr did.

Nails and toenails.. check

Hotel room....check

limo.....check (arriving at 7)

tattoo appt.....check

tattoo paid for.....check

Mel has money....check. (i love him and his 21 year old self)

birthday stuff....DOUBLE CHECK!

i love my mom and my dad. And my baby kay.

Life is good. I hope everything is going smoothly for everyone.

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PROM!!! Ah, and the birthday...and tattoos at 11am on sunday!!! this is all too's getting hard to like an intense game of uno!

I am stopping by my house to get the toast the bride game after we get our hurr did..

and I dont know if I should cover this thing on my arm, otherwise known as,



okay, so here's my deal.

My mom couldn't make a hair appt for anything earlier than 5:30!

Do I keep the appointment, and rush, or does anyone think they can possibly make my hair HUGE (but round and soft looking. Kept.)???




btw, NATASHA: how long do ya think it'll take you to make me pretty???

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Rachel's Place

Pedicures tonight??

Who's in?

Comment and i'll call ya. If you haven't already told me you're coming. I have to check out the tat place and such but after that the house is ours. :) Love you girls.